Key Operations

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Depot Repair and Testing

With many years of experience servicing and supporting depot repair, InteliSol is one of the premier providers of depot repair services.

Our multiple repair depot facilities are managed to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Standard.

Using a “State of the Art” Shop Floor software application, all services are conducted by highly trained and experienced electronic technicians.

After repair, units / components are functionally tested and then submitted for "out-of-box" audits to ensure the highest quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Depot repair services may be provided separately or rolled into a comprehensive program including field support and supply chain management. All InteliSol service programs can be tailored to the specific requirements of our customer.

  • Screening          
  • Revisions          
  • Refurbishing          
  • Testing          
  • Reporting

Reverse Logistics

Minimize your return costs by utilizing InteliSol return and repair services. Our reverse logistics capabilities include returned-goods management, inventory repair / return, and testing.

Whether you are looking to outsource all or part of your supply chain management functions, InteliSol can help with wide variety of logistic services. InteliSol logistic services include warehousing, kitting, assembly, pick and pack, distribution, fulfillment, print, media replication, reverse logistics, returns, and shipping.

  • Whole Unit and Parts Inventory Management          
  • Spare Parts Sales          
  • Advanced Exchange Programs          
  • Return Management          
  • Credit Validation          
  • Re-Working/Re-Packing/Re-Labeling          
  • Testing          
  • Repair          
  • Re-Ship          
  • Re-Classify

Returns Screening Management

Field service returns demand close scrutiny and documentation to insure future component reliability. Often times products develop malfunction trends that are traceable to the OEMs and need to be reported accordingly. This is a major contributor to end user retention as well as the associated cost reduction benefits.

This level of component examination involves a sophisticated process beginning with RMA creation, screening, quality reporting and ending with the customers disposition instructions. Because of our shop floor lean operation, equipment and extremely talented people, we able to increase margins for our clients.

  • Online RMA Creation          
  • End User or Vendor Receipts          
  • Initial Screen/Test          
  • Reporting          
  • Disposition as per Customer Requirements

Asset Recovery

InteliSol provides End-of-Life Solutions for Computer and Electronic Equipment that protects our environment. InteliSol offers comprehensive value in managing the environmental, security and legal risks associated with technology disposal. With years of experience in the asset recovery business, we can help you determine and leverage the value in your unwanted equipment.

This is the time in a product life cycle that often receives little attention, as asset recovery programs can contribute significant dollars to the bottom line. Allow us to apply our years of experience, tightly controlled processes and global capabilities to minimize your supply chain cost.

  • Tightly Controlled Processes          
  • Years of Experience          
  • Global Capabilities          
  • Transportation and Logistics Expertise

Warranty Fulfillment

InteliSol manages warranty fulfillment for some of the world’s largest OEM’s. It is no secret this is a major cost center, riddled with issues ranging from “who’s fault is it?” to “how do I reduce my returns”? How diplomatically we handle the end user to the speed by which we return the repairs are just a few of the performance metrics by which we are measured.

Our call center tech support handles repairs, hot swaps, claims processing and serialization for over 3,000 units per month. We understand how to balance customer satisfaction with prudent warranty disposition.

  • Technical Support          
  • Repair          
  • Hot Swaps          
  • Warranty Claim Processing          
  • Registration and Serialization Tracking