In the forward side of the supply chain, Intelisol provides electronic manufacturing support services to many industry leading brands. Components used in notebooks, laptops and telecommunication devices are often purchased from outside suppliers requiring close screening and updating before installation. Other companies rely on Intelisol to manage the reverse logistics activity through repair depot, asset recovery and reporting functions.

Outsourcing these services enables organizations to focus on their respective core competencies while realizing substance cost savings.

Tier One

We work closely with Tier One logistic companies that offer OEMS and major retailers services such as warehousing, shipping, returns management, salvage and asset recovery. Often these companies contract with us to supply the knowhow and geographic advantages necessary for turnkey solutions.

Other Tier One companies supply partial or total manufacturing services for the OEMs and look to us for many of the same solutions we offer directly.

Component Manufacturers

Our relationship with national electronic consumer product brands provides a unique subset of interaction with the component manufactures they use. We are required to validate, screen and report on hard drives, optical drives, batteries and mother boards used in these devices.

This is an extremely important aspect of what we offer in that very close attention to detail, workflow, quality of work and reporting is mandated to insure utmost customer satisfaction.

Schools and Enterprise

InteliSol provides in warranty and out of warranty repair for Samsung notebooks and laptops; many of which are used in schools and enterprises. In addition to dealing directly with students and other end users we perform the repairs, communicate back to Samsung and are evaluated monthly on the quality of our customer service.

The level of operational efficiency required to maintain our relationship with Samsung is indicative of the quality culture and people at InteliSol.